How Slido Establishes Strategic Partnerships with Quick Videos

Susana Cigano

Slido is a technology company that enhances communication and increases interaction at events and meetings. They enable users to crowdsource top questions to drive meaningful conversations, engage participants with live polls and capture valuable event data.

Founded in 2012 in Slovakia, Slido’s 100 person team is now located in more than eight offices around the world. Having worked on over 85,000 events, it helped engage millions of participants.

We spoke with Juraj Pal, Global Head of Partnerships and Integrations, to understand how Slido uses Loom to help establish partnerships with other companies.

Juraj Pal speaking
Juraj Pal, Global Head of Partnerships and Integrations at Slido.

The Challenge

One of Juraj’s core responsibilities is implementing partnerships in the form of product integrations. This means bringing Slido’s functionality to their customers’ favorite internal communications platforms.

One of these platforms is the team messaging app, Slack. It only made sense to leverage the ever-popular application for team collaboration where team members are able to easily brainstorm ideas and raise questions in meetings using Slido.

Slido Slack integration
How Slido integrates with Slack to help teams collaborate.

Although there already were users who requested this integration, before making any major product decisions, Juraj and his team wanted to get feedback on the first iteration. Staying true to the Agile spirit at Slido, they wanted to collect feedback both internally and externally from a few beta testers.

The challenge they faced was how to show this to the users in a way they’d understand the value of the integration and see how it works in reality. ‍

Why Loom

Having been introduced to Loom a few weeks prior, Juraj realized this was the perfect opportunity to give the screen recorder a try.

Juraj Pal testimonial

He immediately put together a video walking his Slack contact through the UX of the integration, and what value it provided to the teams using Slack. Juraj received feedback as soon as the video had been watched, and the communication moving forward has become much more efficient.

He describes Loom as an instrumental tool for this progress, noting that “the fact that I could show our partners rather than describe with words was a huge game changer”.

Slido using Loom integration in Slack
The Slido team uses Loom to explain how their integration works to users on Slack.

After experiencing the value of quick videos, Juraj was keen to refer Loom to the rest of his team. They are now using Loom for both external and internal communication. A recent example was when an update of the Slido Slack integration was released to some of the early users.

Juraj recorded a video walking Slido’s customers through two use cases. The team sent this video to the users along with a notification on Slack and even included it in the official Slack App Directory.

The Results

Slido’s team rapidly adopted Loom and started using quick videos in two primary formats:

  • Towards the customers by delivering educational value. When a new feature or integration is released, the Slido team records a video to onboard and educate their customers on the new functionality.

  • Towards the partners by driving efficient conversations and building relationships. Instead of writing long emails, the Slido team is able to record quick videos to deliver value in a powerful and engaging way.

Juraj believes that recording videos for communication with customers and partners is the right path for the business. He noticed that the videos have increased the recipients’ engagement level, with clients watching and commenting frequently on the content he shared. The feedback he has received has been very positive.

Ultimately, the Slido team plans to integrate Loom in many more areas of the business, from customer onboarding to help center articles. They are excited for all the potential videos hold for their future interactions with customers and partners. ‍

Slido’s Favourite Features

  • Record From Browser
    Loom enables you to record videos effortlessly from the comfort of your browser.

  • 1-Click Sharing
    Videos can be shared on a variety of platforms by simply copying and pasting the URL.

  • Gmail Integration
    Create and share quick videos directly in Gmail’s inbox.

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Written by Susana Cigano

Manager, Support @ Loom

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