20:VC Podcast: 3 Key Rules To Operate Remote Teams Successfully

Joe Thomas

After listening to many of his episodes and feeling like I knew him, I had the pleasure of finally meeting Harry Stebbings. What a gem of a human. We got to have a chat for his podcast, The Twenty Minute VC. Check out the episode here.

We covered a range of topics, including:

  • The 3 rules to operate remote teams successfully

  • Why I believe in the remote + HQ workplace model, and how the tools and culture need to change to make it work

  • How fundraising has fundamentally changed due to COVID-19, and what founders can do to build rapport and trust without meeting in person

  • How to pick early VCs

  • Whether to accept multi-stage, co-lead money at Seed round

  • Fun story of how Sequoia won Loom's Series B round

Sincere thank you to Harry for having me on. Give it a listen (at 1.2 or 1.5x 😉) and let me know what you think on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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Written by Joe Thomas

Joe is a Founder and the CEO of Loom. Follow him on Twitter.

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